10 Tips to Blog Frequently – The Ghajini Method

Blogging can be hard. Most people find it hard enough to take time out for important activities, forget taking time out to write a blog. In this world of tweets, facebook status messages and instagram pics; it becomes hard to string together more than 3 sentences.
I often suggest blogging to my clients but most clients are too busy to blog.
Here are few methods which I’m trying to make sure that I blog frequently. These methods have worked for me and I hope they work for you as well.

1. Publish the blog as soon as you start typing it:
As soon as you have decided the topic and title for a blog post, publish it immediately.
Even if you have only a single sentence ready – publish it!
Eg. If you are planning to write a ‘pro vs con’ article about some topic. And you might only have figured out the pros list- publish it!
Don’t wait till you have figured out the rest of the article.

You might ask, what about the readers? Won’t they get confused?
Well, you won’t get any readers until you start blogging frequently. Divide the topic in independent parts, consisting of few sentences. Aim to complete that part before your ADD mind wanders off in another direction.

Remember blog’s aren’t books, you can always go back to finish another part when you have figured out the material and have time.

Slowly you’ll start to get in the habit of writing full length blog posts.

Credit for this idea goes to this guy, who wrote down everything before he forgot it:


2. Stop using Bookmarks:

Often you will come across something brilliant, which you can blog about. Pressed for time, you will dutifully create a bookmark and then it goes into a black hole never to be seen again.

Bookmarks are dead.

The article I’ve linked in the last sentence talks about how bookmarks are dead and have been supplanted by RSS, Facebook and Twitter. That article was written in 2008.

Even RSS is on its death bed. I wonder why Chrome/Firefox even bother putting in the feature of bookmarking webpages.

If I had a nickel for every bookmark I made, you would have read my name instead of Bill Gates at the top of Forbes list.

If you still use bookmarks to ‘bookmark’ important websites, then I have a message for you.

stop wasting your time on bookmarks, use evernote


There is a better alternative.


3. Start using Evernote:

I have recently started using Evernote and it is an amazing tool to store and retrieve everything.

Step a. Go to http://evernote.com/ and create an account.

Step b. Install the plugin for your browser – they have plugins for Every major browser.

Step c. Install the desktop client of Evernote – they have a native client for every OS.

Step d. Every time you come across something interesting, use the browser plugin to clip that content to Evernote.

Step e. Once you have enough content, start writing an article within Evernote and once you are ready to share it with the world, blog!

Step f. Once you have blogged about it, delete all those (now) unnecessary clipping from Evernote.


What is your advice about how to make updating blog a habit? How many times a month do you update your blog and how do you make yourself stick to the schedule? Let us know in the comments.

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