Basic Tips for Promoting Your Website

While promoting your website, you must have taken several important steps like SEO, Facebook and Twitter pages and even Google Adwords. This post isn’t about them. Instead I will be talking about minor things which often get overlooked and can make a difference. I will also be posting links to quality resources for those things.

1. Email Signatures

Do you even have an email signature? If yes, is it updated with your current website and other details? Every email you send is an opportunity to promote your website and other contact details with your contacts. It is a simple thing but if done correctly it can become a handy asset. Take a look at this article on Smashing Magazine for some creative examples of email signatures. They’ve also included dos and don’ts for email signatures. This is my email signature, I’ve kept it simple and to the point.


Pritesh Desai
Inventika Solutions { Founder }

mobile: +91 89762 36974


2. Modal Newsletter Signup

If you use Mailchimp or any other email service to send newsletters, consider adding a modal signup form. It is the semi-transparent fullscreen pop-up which opens before the page loads.

I used to be against modal sign up forms, I used to believe that they lowered the user experience of the site. However if done in a correct manner these forms will actually help increase the readership for your blog.

I used to have a signup form as a side-widget but ever since I’ve switched to a modal form there has been a super-significant increase in the number of people who have signed up for my newsletter. The method works!

modal newsletter signup window plugin wordpress, how to


Here is how you can have such a signup form for your blog:

1. For WordPress users, download and install the plugin – Modal Dialog.

2. Modal by itself won’t show you the sign up form, it merely acts as a placeholder for the actual signup form. If you use Mailchimp or any other mailing service, get the HTML code for the signup form and copy it in the plugin config page.

Here are few good examples of beautiful forms:

And here is a good resource for beautiful CSS buttons:


3. Google Rich Snippets (Get your photo in google search results)

You might be wondering what are ‘Google Rich Snippets’. I’d recommend you read this article on Hubspot to know more about them.

The only snippet I’ll be talking about here is the ‘author snippet’.

Of late when you perform a google search, you must have noticed some results have a photo of the author. Like this:

google rich snippets blog rankings, search seo, secret, g+


If you have that photo, it improves the chances of people actually visiting your site.

That photo is the photo of the author, sourced from his G+ profile. Another lame attempt by Google to make people use G+

However I would recommend you go ahead and use it on your blog. It will help you increase your search engine traffic.

To get your photo next to your blog search results do the following:

1. Get a Google Plus profile.

2. Use a nice photo of you  as the dp. Preferably looking away, thinking deeply about something.

Check out this link for tips on getting a good author like pic.

3. If you use WordPress check out this plugin called Google Plus Author Information in Search Result (GPAISR).

It will allow you to associate your G+ profile with your blog. Within no time you’ll get your photo in Google search results.

I’d sugget you start using it soon. I’m sure that very soon EVERYBODY will be using this trick and Google will have to stop showing the author’s photo in the search result.



Do you have any tips? If yes do share it in the comments section below!

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