Branded Social Media Pages

What are Branded Social Media Pages?

Try to remember the last time you visited the Facebook page of your favorite sports team. For me, that would be Manchester United. Every time I visit their page, memories of hard fought victories come to my mind. The user may not realise it, but due the proper use of colors and photos, there is an instant connection to the page and the history of the club. It is something which a stock Facebook page could have never been able to do. Plus the Timeline navigator on the left allows fans to explore the history of their beloved club. It goes back right up to 1878 – the year in which Manchester United was formed. This is the power of Branded Social Media Pages – you can create a separate place for yourself, away from all the other clutter of gazillion other pages.

Manchester United – Bel19ve

Why Branded Social Media Pages?

Before the advent of social media, you had a website for your business which offered a curated experience for your customers. You could dictate the user experience and create awareness for your brand in the customer’s mind. However things aren’t similar when it comes to Facebook and other social media sites. You can create pages on these websites, but it becomes difficult to stand out since all pages basically look the same.

You must have a signature look and feel for your product, marketing and website. Customers expect this consistent user experience across all sites, and that includes your social media. When your customer visits your website and then visits your Facebook page it should feel like another page of the same book. This can be achieved by proper designing of pages and leveraging apps (eg. using Sound Cloud on Facebook page if you are a music band) when applicable.
Stefan Olander vice-president of digital sport for Nike
Once you have established a direct relationship with a consumer, you don’t need to advertise to them

People are spending more time on social networks as opposed to visiting sites. The website traffic for Fortune 100 companies has actually decreased in the past few years. In this scenario it makes sense to focus attention on social networks. Once a user likes your page or follows your tweets, you can send updates regularly.

Who Uses Them?

Every major company you can think of is actively making use of social media in their marketing efforts. Nike, McDonald’s, BMW and several others are using social media to engage with customers.

Here in the tabs below, you can check out Coca Cola’s social media pages.

Here are our social media pages.

How Can We help You?

Major brands have presence over all major social sites. They have consistent user experience across all these sites thanks to common branding. Most small business owners who’d like to establish their presence on these networks end up with an inconsistent feel. There is a difference between the professionally designed pages for ‘Coca Cola’ and the pages of small businesses. We want to remove this gap. We want to provide all businesses owners irrespective of their size to have a quality platform to voice their opinion on social media sites.

We handle the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

We handle all aspects of creating well designed accounts on popular social media sites and make it easy for you to share your views on these platforms. We give it a visual look which is unique and consistent across all social media sites. Our goal is to put the power of social media in your hands!


Currently we have one single plan, which covers Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and Pinterest.

For the all-inclusive price of $1000, you are only paying $200 per social network!

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