Cool Websites: April 2013

How Far is it to Mars?

Check out this cool website designed by David Paliwoda and Jesse Williams.
It shows you how faaaaar away Mars is from our Earth. The Moon seems to be a next door neighbor as compared to Mars., cool website, website designer london

I asked the creator of this site to shed some light on why he made “Distance to Mars”. He said that the concept came from a couple of different inspirations, sparked by his friend Jesse sending over a video by pastor Louis Giglio about the scale of the universe.

“It jogged my memory of a physics demo back at school on the playing field, something like the distance between planets in the solar system if one was a marble and the other a basketball, that sort of thing. I thought it might be neat to make that into a little narrative that got the point across in a way people were used to: getting bored of scrolling down really long webpages.”

“The original intention for the site was a quick, one-or-two day project that I could put together to learn more about web design (coming from more of a video/animation background) – really, this is the first ‘proper’ website I’ve made apart from my personal page – and have a nice little site to send to friends and around work when it was done.”

As with any other successful project, this one too required several 1 AM fixing to correct some errors in the math.

Jesse Williams made the planets and gave some ideas for the visual direction.


Check out this video I took of the site in action..



Every Last Drop, water website, save


‘Every Last Drop’ is a parallax website which tries to raise awareness regarding water preservation.

The website features a guy who goes through his morning ritual. Floating descriptions tell us how much water we use everyday.

The project aims to raise awareness on how small changes can make a big difference in water conservation.

The website was designed by - a creative design studio from London.

Reverend Danger


A digital agency with some excellent animated block-characters.

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