Cool Websites: January 2013

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I’ll be putting up links to awesome websites which I come across this month.

Here is a creative website designed by ‘Martn Gaue’.

The website view is him looking down to check his S3. The position of S3 changes as you move your mouse around. You can click the icons on the smartphone to read more information. Ex. Clicking the twitter icon will open up his twitter handle (@attackemartin) and display his latest tweet.

a cool mobile themed website

a cool mobile themed website



Bond Cars


Excellent showcase of all the Bond cars. Built by using skrollr.js.

James Bond Cars

Everyone has a favourite Bond – and a favourite Bond girl – but what’s your favourite Bond car?


Tokio Lab



This website has some really good typography and a nice parallax effect.


Guide to the App Galaxy



guide to the app galaxy best websites

Here is a website designed by Google. It is a guide for app developers. You are taken on a ride across the universe, with a hotel at the end.



google maps styled website


Here is a cool, Google maps styled website. You can drag to see around and also zoom in or out.


Werbungrockt beautiful parallax website circles


This website features bright, bold colors and circles to achieve a beautiful design.


Paper App


paper app ipad website

A beautiful, single image design for an equally awesome iPad app.


A to S


mercedes website flash website awesome beautiful website


A beautiful website made by Mercedes, to show its amazing features (it is in flash :/    but it’s awesome)

It lists several features found in Mercedes car, with an interactive demo. For example, to show that the air bags found in a Mercedes won’t burst due to a splinter in the dashboard, they’ve made this fun air bag, which pops if you push the splinter in it. Take a look at the photo above.
Do give it a try, you’ll love it.


Cremalab beautiful website


Cremalab is a webdesign and mobile app agency (just like us). Here’s how they put it:

“We create experiences for mobile & web.”

Nice and simple.

Their website is also beautiful and makes good use of bold colors. The website is also responsive and features a handy mobile-optimized menu.

Alex Holt

This is the website of Alex Holt.

It is an elegant design, featuring simple use of colors and beautiful fonts.

The best thing about his website is that he manages to convey a lot of information in a short space.


nth loop

nth loop beautiful website

‘nth loop’ is  a small team in Mumbai who build web and mobile applications with a high emphasis on both creative design and the technology behind the scenes.

Their website has a beautiful, single page design. The navigation is simple and sleek.

However the best part about their website is the top logo. If you observe it carefully, it magically changes color! First it’ll have a blue-purple color after a while it gradually changes into orange-yellow and keeps changing.

It only worked on Google Chrome on Mac OSX but surprisingly didn’t work on Safari 5.

Here is a link about the effect on tutsplus.

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