Every Sports Fan’s Dream – Google Calendar

While designing the most amazing websites on the intertubes,  I have always had one question on my mind.

Have I made it large?


No it isn’t “Have I made it large?

The question I always have on my mind is “When does Manchester United play next?

If you anxiously google to find out when ‘Manchester United’ or [insert your favorite sports team here] plays next, here is a fabulous news for you.

Google will do that for you automatically.
Google Calendar is a nifty tool which I have recently started using. I use it to schedule meetings and other top important work (like putting in a reminder to watch ‘Gangnam style video on youtube’).

Gangnam Style - South Korean Salman Khan

If you haven’t yet watched this video, click this photo to watch it now!


Along with that I also use it to mark down important EPL matches of the weekend. I am a big, big , BIG United fan and I love watching all their matches.

Till today, I used to google ‘Manchester United’ to find the next fixture and enter it in Google Calendar religiously to make an appointment. So that I could get a reminder 10 mins before the match began.
However today I found this super-cool-awesome feature whereby Google Calendar will automatically create an ‘Appointment’ when ‘Manchester United’ play.

They have every major sports league, EPL, La Liga, you name it. You can subscribe to individual team so that you get notifications only when that team plays.

Here are some important leagues which you can subscribe to -

English Premier League

Spanish Primera Division

Champions League

Major League Baseball – MLB

National Basketball Association – NBA

National Football League – NFL

National Hockey League – NHL

Indian Premier League – IPL

and if for some reasons you want to be the 23rd person who knows which Ranji match is being played, they do have a schedule for that too.


Sadly they don’t have Tennis (no Roger Federer or Nadal) and F1 yet.


Google Calendar - When does my team play?

Google Calendar – When does my team play?


Here is how you do it:

0. First make sure you have a google account and then go to Google Calendar.

1. Look for ‘Other Calendars’ in the left side-bar, click on it. Now click on ‘Browse Interesting Calendars’.

subscribe to team in google calendar - step 1

2. Now select the ‘Sports’ tab

3. Now select your sport (they have all the football teams listed under soccer :/ typical Ameerikans) then select your league and finally ‘subscribe’ to the team or teams whom you want to follow.

google calendar - team subscribe

That’s it! You can sync your smartphone with Google Calendar and you will be notified when your team plays :)

Which team do you support?

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