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htc-one website

HTC One is a brilliant device, it is the Macbook Air of smartphones. It is beautifully crafted. Now along with great design it also has some really cool features like something called ‘megapixel’ it gives you better photos in low light conditions.

They also have adopted this innovative feature where the speakers are on the frontside – one row at the top and the other at the bottom. I loved the simplicity of the idea – why didn’t Apple think of that?

It gives your better audio.

The reason I’m mentioning these features is because I came across this brilliant website designed by the guys at HTC which allows you to experience all these features in the browser!

Check out this website - http://one.htc.com/experienceit/index.html

It is a super cool website and it allows you to try the phone. You can turn it around 360 degrees, you can try the blinkfeed and they also let you take mock photos to see the quality of the camera.

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