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UPDATE: Fergie Time has a new home now. Visit this website – http://footballalarm.com/fergietime

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Fergie Time -

Any amount of time, in any football (soccer) match, which has been added on, in addition to the added time (injury time) that had already been prescribed at the end of the 90 minutes.

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Are you a true Red Devil fan?
Do you watch all of Manchester United’s matches?

We have created an app, called ‘Fergie Time’ which automatically reminds you, whenever United play! Making sure that you won’t miss Rooney, RvP and Giggs in action.

It automatically downloads the timings for the next match and creates an alarm, 30 mins before the match begins.



‘Fergie Time’ reminds you whenever United play a match in these competitions:
Barclays Premier League
Champions League
FA Cup
League Cup
and also the Tour matches.

Notifies you about the match, 30 mins before the game begins.
Automatic – you don’t have to do anything.
Simple interface – there are no settings.
No ads.
Works on Android.


You can enter your email id here to get important updates about the app. The iOS version of ‘Fergie Time’ is in the pipeline.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts about the app.

Get it on Google Play


I’d like to thank “Manchester United Fans India” for featuring ‘Fergie Time’ on their fantastic Facebook Page.

Update: ’Fergie Time’ was downloaded by several fans but then when United discovered this app they initially banned it.

We asked several fans to write to United and ask them to allow ‘Fergie Time’. Several fans did write to them and the great guys at Manchester United listened to their fans and let us keep ‘Fergie Time’.

I’d like to thank all those who have supported ‘Fergie Time’ and Manchester United for listening to its fan community.


  • farley

    I need to know about the time appeared. Is it UK time or local time as im from Malaysia?

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