Google Adwords: Negative Keywords

If you use Google Adwords, you must be familiar with ‘keywords’.

For those who are unfamiliar with with Google Adwords, I’ll give you an example.

Lets say, you have a ‘cake shop’. Now if people in your city search for ‘cake shop’ or ‘birthday cake’ in Google, you want your ad to show up in the search result. These terms are called ‘keywords’.


Now the main reason for displaying ads is to look for customers. However due to the way Google Adwords work, even people looking for ‘birthday cake wallpaper’, ‘cake shop hire’ and other keywords will get your ad. If they click on it, Google will charge you.

You are spending money but you aren’t getting any customers. When we started our Adwords campaign, we discovered that several clicks were coming from people looking for ‘web designer job’, ‘website templates’.

This is where ‘Negative Keywords’ come in handy. You tell Google to NOT show your ad, if the user types in these keywords.


Trust me, it saves a LOT of money.

Read this article on ‘Negative Keywords’. The author has given a set of must have Negative Keywords listed in groups. It is a good starting point to weed out unnecessary searches.

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