Hey Google, stop bragging about your speed!

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Hey Google, stop doing that! It is 2013 and not 1999.

When I first started using the internet I used be awed by the timer. I used to believe that Google started searching the internet after I entered my search term and presented me the search results in a fraction of a second. It seemed like magic!

I later found out that Google maintains an index which takes several months to create and then that index is used to provide the search results.

If you are unaware about Google’s index. Think of it as the ‘Table of Contents’ provided at the start of most books.


I had almost forgotten all about the timer during all those years. However the other day I noticed it and it surprised me. In this age of ‘real-time search’ and ‘big data’ it doesn’t make any sense for Google to show the timer. It is just a remnant of old Google.


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