I Found Gauri Bhonsle

gauri bhosale missing real or fake


I stay in Mumbai and for the past few weeks I’ve been noticing a poster about a certain ‘Gauri Bhonsle’ popping all over the city.

The first thing which I noticed (apart from the girl :P ) was the poster’s design. One occupational hazard of being a web designer is that anytime you see a poster, website or any other design your mind automatically tries to figure out which font, color and photoshop technique was used to design it.

It’s like ‘Master Chef Australia’ judge trying to dissect the various flavours in a complex dish prepared by the contestant.

The simple yet well designed poster stumped me. I felt something was amiss, just because every-damn-thing about the poster was perfect. The layout, margins, fonts, colors, everything was perfect.


Normally the person-missing posters, which are stuck at railway stations are so bad that even the kidnapper would find it hard to say whether it belongs to the guy whom he kidnapped :P

I decided to find out more about ‘Gauri Bhonsle’.


Apparently ABP News carried this news on their channel.


Indian Express carried an article saying Cops rescue 21-yr-old ‘missing Gauri Bhonsle’, two arrested


They even have a dedicated Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/HelpUsFindGauri


Several people have contacted them, one guy even wrote this on their Facebook page:

“mayra naam rohit aggarwall ha may dehar dun say bol rahahu aaj subha dehar dun raylway sation par mumbia say aanay vali trian maynay guari bhonslay ko uttar ty huay dakh ha ABP NEWS AP DEHAR DUN MAY KHOJ KARAY”.

If you read it closely, you can even hear the scream of an old English teacher in Dehra Dun who jumped in front of a moving train after reading the above message.


Some people however believed it to be a publicity stunt for Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Talaash.


The truth however lies somewhere in between the two. It is a serial on Star Plus starting from Nov, 12. The name of the serial is ‘Kehti Hai Tumse Kuch Khamoshiyaan’.

Here is the proof.

gauri bhonsale missing true or fake star plus serial

plus if you squint down on the lower-right hand side of the main poster you will find the following word – ‘ADVT’



All this story of a missing girl was a publicity stunt to promote an upcoming serial on Star Plus.
There has obviously been a backlash. Several people have expressed their displeasure over this ‘cheap publicity’. Here’s a Facebook page called ‘We Hate Gauri Bhosale and Star Plus‘.

Personally, keeping aside the question whether it was moral correct, I believe it did the job it set out to do. The publicity campaign did generate publicity for the show. I wouldn’t be able to name 2 shows currently airing on Star Plus (I think Saans bhi kabhi… is thankfully over) but I am now aware of this certain show although it’s a different matter altogether whether I will watch it or not.

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