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quora is awesome

quora is awesome

Quora is awesome. I remember using Yahoo qna back in its hey days but even back then Yahoo was filled with personal questions like: “My dog ate my homework, what should I do?” Later Quora came up and became the new destination for answer seekers. The quality of questions and the answers is very high. You’ll often find great minds like the founder of Wikipedia and other notable people brushing shoulders with us commoners and answering questions.

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However there is one aspect of Quora which has to be improved – the vote button. Quora gives a vote button only at the start of the answer, near the top-left. The problem is that the answers are long and beautiful, by the time you have read the answer in its entirety, the vote button has long vanished beyond your screen and there is an equally interesting answer below the one you just read. To improve this quora can do one thing – the vote button should be at the bottom of the answer and not at the top. After all you can vote on the quality of the answer only at the end of it, isn’t it?




Apparently Quora has implemented this feature where by if the answer is too long and when you scroll down, the ‘vote buttons’ detach and scroll down along with you. So that they always remain onscreen.

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