Israel Loves Iran

Today I saw this video on TED Talks. ‘Ronny Edry’, an Israeli talked about his ‘Gandhigiri’ experience.

Ronny is a graphic designer. He designs posters and uploads them on his Facebook profile. One day he uploaded this poster on his wall. It is his photo with his daughter and a bold message proclaiming – “Iranians, We heart You”…

Ronny Edry Israel Loves Iran


… and then something magical happened – Iranians started to reciprocate!

Thousands of people from both countries started to create their own images and this single act of sticking-it-to-the-man  snowballed in to a huge movement. It inspired several Facebook communities like “Israel loves Iran,” “Iran loves Israel” and even “Palestine loves Israel.”

For Indian readers who might be unaware about the special bond between Israel-Iran, think of the love between India-Pakistan but taking place in Middle-East.

Here is another image made by Ronny.


ronny edry - please stop the war



And here is a picture of a cute Israeli gal from the page ‘Israel Loves Iran’.


israel loves iran



It took Mahatma Gandhi decades to create a following in India against the Britishers. I wonder what he would have done, if he had Facebook.

Do watch the video here.

Here is a comment on the video:

“The planet does not need more ‘successful’ people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every shape and form. It needs people who live well in their places.
It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these needs have little to do with success as our culture has defined it…”

- Petya Kalinkova

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