iKindle Paperwhite – designed by Apple.

I love my Kindle Paperwhite.
It is a very good device. Amazon has clearly put in a great deal of thought behind it.
I like the beautiful screen saver, photos which come on when you turn it off.
I liked the fact that they paid attention to such a tiny detail. It was very Applesque..
I made me think, ‘What if Apple had decided to create the Kindle Paperwhite?’


Back in 2007 when Kindle was launched it looked like this -




Steve Jobs would never have launched a product designed like this..

Had he and his doubles-partner Jony Ive, decided to launch an ebook reader, how would it have been?

Here’s how I believe it would have been designed:


It is a safe bet to say that the Apple Kindle would have been made from aluminum instead of the rubbery plastic we currently have.



Instead of having buttons, the screen would be a touch screen, like the current Kindle Paperwhite.

I’m assuming that it would be a ‘glo-light’ enabled screen with similar DPIs.


Attention to Detail

When you start your Kindle, it immediately opens the last page you were reading. I believe there’s a better alternative.

Apple, famous for it love of skeuomorphism (at least while Scott Forstall was there) would have started off with a full screen cover of the book you were currently reading.

Like this:

iKindle 2



Here’s how the fictional iKindle would look:

I’m sure Apple would use better fonts. The serif font collection on Kindle isn’t good. I use Palatino but I would love to have Georgia.

iKindle - if Apple had designed the Kindle



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