Micromax Funbook Review

I ordered the Micromax Funbook from Landmarkonthenet.com. I’ve been using it for the past few days and it is very nice.
Games like Angry Birds, Temple run etc play smoothly. There is no lagging or any other problem.
The screen is capacitive and it performs admirably. However the screen sometimes goes berserk while charging it. Due to the electrostatic noise which occurs while charging it.


Here is the best part about it:
You can connect pen drive to the funbook, I have used a 16 GB pendrive and it worked flawlessly. So even though the on board memory is only 4GB, you can easily connect a pendrive with all your movies in it.
Mircomax provides a mini-usb to USB connector to do that, it comes bundled with the Funbook.

The same connector can be used to attach a mouse and a keyboard to the Funbook. Yes, you read that right. You can connect a regular USB based keyboard and mouse to the Funbook. They work fine. In fact I’m typing this on my Funbook using a keyboard connected to it.

You might be wondering, how does the mouse work on a touch based OS. When you connect a mouse, a tiny pointer comes up on screen. I’ve played Angry Birds with it and it worked.

Why use a mouse? you may ask. I’m a website designer and while designing websites, one key effect is the ‘mouseover effect’. Books have been written about it, entire websites have been built keeping this effect in mind.

I recently showed a demo website to a client which revolved heavily on the subtle effects on photos when your moved mouse across it. I tried visiting the same site on the tablet and it didn’t seem appealing anymore.

It has a camera on the front, however the photo quality is nothing to talk of, I can draw better than that.

My Drawing!

Micromax Funbook is awesome, go buy it.

Here is a video of some guy playing my favorite game ‘Temple Run’ on the Funbook.

(BTW it isn’t me in the video)



It sucks. Having used it for several months, I’ve realized that despite its uber-low price, the funbook is a tablet which simply cannot be used in day-to-day life. The biggest problem is the battery. It loses steam very quickly. Plus browsing on the device is slow.

I’d suggest you invest in a better tablet. The iPad mini is an excellent device so is the Nexus 7. I know comparing the funbook with the iPad mini or the Nexus 7 isn’t fair. The funbook costs 1/3rd of those tablets but doesn’t even deliver 1/10th of the value.

Don’t go for the Micromax funbook.

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  • ankit

    Really does the funbook recognizes keyboards automatically???

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions

      Yes it does! It will even recognize your mouse.
      In fact, I wrote this post via a keyboard attached to my funbook.

  • ankit

    the mouse and keyboard do work but have you tried multi mounting using a USB hub, can both work together and what about external hard disks….????

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions

      I’m sure they can work together, although I haven’t tried them out with a USB hub.
      I’m not sure if an external hard disk would work with a puny tablet.

  • Mumbaikar

    Good review and Great blog! Keep it up!

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions

      thank you for the encouragement!

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  • abdulahad

    do it can run hd games like asphalt 6 maxpayne, mfs, all hd games plzzzz tell me plzzzzzz bro i want to know dat can it run hd games 512 mb game can work om dis p300 ?? plzz tell me

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions


  • Rajeev Raul

    Can we use any fine point stylus on it to draw. And is compatible with drawing apps like Sketchbook pro????????????????

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions

      Yeah, any capacitive stylus should work. Sketchbook is a wonderful app. Sadly, the funbook isn’t a capable device to take advantage of Sketchbook.
      I’m excited about iPad and Paper combo. Check out the official website of paper by fifty three. It’s awesome!

  • Logo Design Reviews

    Yes!I hope this information help for people and me.
    Thanks for sharing informative

  • Shyam M

    I want to Buy funbook P300 but How is it Battery Backup ? I Saw some reviews in some other sites in there lot of people not happy with this product that makes me little bit of confusion Can i Buy r Not??

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions

      Having used it for several months, I would suggest you don’t buy it. The battery sucks. With Wifi it hardly lasts for half an hour.

      Plus browsing on it sucks. I would suggest you go for the iPad mini or the Google Nexus tab which recently launched in India.

  • Mariana Rosie

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