Pushpinder Bagga – Talented Photographer From India

A photo can make or break a website.

Recently while designing a website for a security product, I was looking for a photo of a person who would exude a sense of security and happiness caused by the product. Since the company is based in India I wanted an Indian guy  instead of some stock photo of a foreigner showing his pearly whites. Unfortunately stock photo websites focussing on India didn’t have the right kind of image. I started looking on Flickr for that perfect picture and I must have trawled through over thousands of photos of various Indian people for that perfect look.

And then finally I found this picture. I knew in an instant this boy was going to be the face of my website.


The photo was taken by Pushpinder Bagga. Take a look at his Flickr account. His photos have a certain appeal which I cannot capture in words.

Here are some other snaps by Pushpiner which I liked:
I sell my Toy? #2
Old Man from Billing, Himachal

Little Indian Girl
Do visit his website – http://www.pushpinderbagga.com/ for more photos and read the ‘About’ page in particular!

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