Should you hire someone to blog for you?

I am against hiring someone to blog for you. If you are an expert in your field, you should be the one who blogs.

You can always hire some one to blog for you, he can always do bit of research before writing a blog but unless he is a true expert in that field his articles won’t be original, they will always seem like a rehash of other articles.

Imagine an article about playing tennis written by a chef vs one written by Roger Federer!

If you don’t have a habit of blogging regularly I have one trick which you can use. I started blogging regularly thanks to the Ghajini Method (patent pending).

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  • Mike Kimberly

    This is true, especially with the Google Panda update. Don’t buy links, don’t create spammy manual links, keep track of who is linking to you, etc. This won’t be a problem for any legitimate site with meaningful content. If you are cleaning up an old mess, we’ll, that’s probably the end result of being a spammer. I have yet to hear of an unwarranted penalty…

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