Son of Sardaar : Social Media Marketing Campaign

I saw Son of Sardar on 13th November, the day it released.


I was following the movie’s promotions for few weeks before it was released. Here is a look at some of the things done by the SOS team to promote their movie online.


1. Facebook Page:

The first step in online promotion begins with Facebook. SOS team made a Facebook page through which fans could get constant updates about the movie.


son of sardaar marketing online promotion facebook page


2. Contest are a good way to increase fan participation. SOS team gave away F1 tickets as prize for the contest.

Son of Sardaar Facebook Contest


they implemented it with the help of a ‘Like Gate’. Users who wanted to participate in the contest had to like the page. This converts participants into Facebook page fan.

Son of Sardaar online promotion like gate contest


3. This is one common (but boring) trend, wishing people on festive occasions.

Son of Sardaar online social media marketing


4. The added basic information like the names of the cast, director, genre, etc in the Facebook page. In case you are wondering how did these categories become available to SOS Facebook page, if you select the page type as ‘Movie’, then Facebook gives you these extra options in the profile section. The page type selection can be done while creating the page.

Son of  Sardaar Facebook Movie page data


5. The SOS team, kept on updating the page with news, gossip, photos and videos about the movie. They started updating the page even while the film was being shot.

News - Son of Sardaar Online Promotion Marketing Po Po song


6. The SOS team also created a twitter page where they constantly tweeted news about the cast. Notice the graphics of the twitter page, they used the same graphics across all of their marketing material.

Twitter - Son of Sardaar Online Promotion Marketing


7. They uploaded trailer videos of the movie along with the songs on their Youtube channel.

Youtube - Son of Sardaar Online Promotion Marketing


8. They kept advertisements about the movie on Facebook. Here you can see a sponsored story. It was displayed on my timeline a day after the movie got released.

son of sardaar sponsored story facebook



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