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I want to make a dent in the universe – Steven Paul Jobs

It has been one year, since Steve Jobs passed away on Oct. 5, 2011, following a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer.
At the time when Steve began Apple, computers used to be these huge unweildy beasts. There was no mouse, you had to remember cryptic commands to use one. It was Steve Jobs who introduced the current mouse pradigm which we all use everyday to get our work done. He did that in 1984. For the next 30 yrs nobody could invent the next best thing. We still used computers in the same old way. It took all the creative genius of Steve Jobs to take us to the Post-PC era with innovative products like the iPhone and the iPad.

He was an iconoclast who lived an extraordinary life and changed the world in the process. Every time you use a computer or play Angry Birds on your mobile this guy played a huge part in making it happen.
100 years from now, when historians will be writing dictating our history, the iPhone will have the same weight as the Pyramids of Egypt in the story of mankind.

Personally he has been a big inspiration for me. I love designing websites on my computer. There is nothing else I could dream of doing. If computers hadn’t been as easy as a click of the mouse, I doubt if I would have even tried my hand at it.

About a month ago I started working on making my own digital tribute to Steve Jobs.
I choose the iPod, because Apple’s rise as the world’s biggest company ever in the history can be attributed to one single product – the iPod. Steve Jobs pulled out the tiny mp3 player, the size of a deck of a cards and ushered Apple towards it’s greatest era.
I tried my best to make an exact replica of the iPod which Steve and others at Apple made. It was a great learning experience in paying attention to detail, trying to make sure that it looked and behaved exactly like the first iPod – you can actually play songs on it.

Finally on 5th October 2012 – Steve Jobs’ first death anniversary I was able to complete the iPod.
I sent a tweet to Walt Mossberg – the principal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Mossberg is widely regarded as one of the most influential writers on information technology.
He had conducted an interview of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at All Things D - the only time both ever gave a joint interview.

Here is Walt Mossberg along with Steve Jobs


This was his response -


He retweeted it to his followers and then magic happened!
My iPod went viral!

Every major tech website picked up the story. By the end of the day heavy weights like Gizmodo, Engadget and Mashable had written about my iPod.

Gizmodo was the first to write about it -

The iPod Classic might have one foot in the grave, but it still lives. On your computer. A clever designer made this fully playable iPod for your browser. How awesome is that?…

Even Engadget and Mashable have featured my iPod on their website. They are the top 3 tech websites on the intertubes.

Soon other regional language websites all over the world featured my iPod.
Blogs were written in Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese and other major languages.

By the end of the day over 1 lac people had tried my iPod. Yup, 1 followed by 00000.

The response which I’ve received over the week has been tremendous.
People from all over the world have written in to thank me. I received this message from a fellow Indian, he said,  “Amazing work. Never had first ipod, now feeling like having one.”
People from all around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Madrid, Tokyo have tried my iPod and loved it.

I’ll perhaps never be able to actually visit all of these places, but  I’m glad that people have tried my creation and appreciated my work. As a  creator that’s all I could wish for.

Some guy from Brisbane, Australia wrote me an email, saying he wanted to be an intern at Inventika Solutions :P

Several people called it the best tribute for Steve Jobs.

It was a humbling experience that something I made could help so many people honour Steve’s legacy.

Tweets and Facebook likes fell like rain drops.
By the end of the week around 3 lac visitors tried my iPod.

People from 189 country have tried it. Here’s a map of it. More green = more people from that country visited my site.


I’ve been flooded with responses.

People all over the world have written in to thank me.

@ReubenInTexas As a life-long user, thanks! And check out Apple’s tribute to Steve from yesterday.

@TheBigGeek Congrats Man.. it was really well done :)

@iamdigifoto Yes, I do too “@priteshdesai: I wish he was still with us…” I still have that model & it still works :) Keep up your great work
@BruceAtMobiSol Incredible work; Really a nice job! Thanks for sharing with us. Steve would have loved it.

Suraj N Nayak
Epic :) This is truly a tribute to a legendary man. He’ll smile in his grave. you ROCK man \m/

CescQuintero Amazing. You did a great job here. This is why I call “Talent”

@trevoridge Really impressive work. Great idea, well executed. Not enough of them about!

‏@vcouverite fantastic! @mjpyn A pleasure. Really great work! Herbert Fernando Campo awesome! Jeremy Hegna This is incredible! Thanks for sharing:-) Jesus De Las Heras Awesome. Congratulations Jose Luis Rojas Navarro Awesome! Jörg Fiedler Awesome!

Sony Thankappan awseome work guys!!! Santi Rofes AWESOME!

When people call you Awesome more times than what Barney Stinson ever uttered in all seasons of HIMYM, you’ve done something right :)


The decision to start my own company instead of joining Infosys or TCS wasn’t an easy one.
As every one you went to college with starts putting on a shirt and works 9 – 5 for RAW, BNP or some other company while you go to sleep at 5 AM only to wake up at 5PM and your mother tells to to go to “” and apply for a job (nope, apparently the guys from and don’t want to work together – yet) you can’t help but wonder if you are missing out on something.

Last week was a good reminder as to why I started Inventika Solutions in the first place.
This is what I love doing most and this is what I want to do. Instead of working on SAP of some MySQL in JAVA for some company, I’d rather make things I believe in.


The internet is arguably god’s best gift to mankind. Whether it’s forums, blogs, personal websites, twitter or countless other vehicles, the users of internet have crafted a world for people who are genuinely enthusiastic about sharing their experience with others.
Anyone with the basic knowledge to operate a computer and a web connection can give themselves a voice.

It has toppled governments in Middle Asia, helped a guy suffering from amnesia get his memory back via Facebook along with countless other benefits.

But every sword has two edges, the internet also helped ‘Scooter Braun’ unearth a secret weapon, which has been tormenting guys all over the world with his voice.

I’m talking about Justin Bieber, ofcourse :P

Justin Bieber and Kurt Cobain


I’d like to invite you to try out my tribute to Steve Jobs here –
Make sure you’re using a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

I look forward to a follow up conversation and hearing your thoughts about Inventika Solutions.


Pritesh Desai
Founder, Inventika Solutions

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