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UPDATE: This app is currently out of date and until then I would recommend you to directly contact Tata Sky at this page.


I got Tata Sky and I love it. It is definitely better than the ‘dabba’ cable.

However Tata Sky has one major flaw – Channel Packages.

Normally cable operators charge you a fixed monthly fee and in return, you get (theoretically) all the channels.

But Tata Sky has this concept of ‘Packages’. In theory it is supposed to give the control in the hands of the customer. You select the channels which you want and pay only for those channels.

But in reality, the system is hopelessly complicated.


i’ll read later, show me the app first!
Note: This app is outdated. Please contact Tata Sky directly.

I’ll try to show you  a simplified picture -

They offer 6 main packs:

South Sports Pack – It is a bare bones pack with only handful of hindi channels, lots of news channels, several ‘knowledge’ channels and true to its name – couple of sports channels.

Dhamaal Mix Pack - It contains all the hindi daily soap channels as well as all hindi movie channels. Rest of  it is very similar to South Sports Pack.

Dhamaal Cricket Pack – It is similar to Dhamaal Mix Pack but it comes with Star Cricket and Neo Prime.

Metro Pack – It is an intermediate pack with a good mix of channels.

Supreme Sports Kids Pack - Supreme Sports Kids Pack contains all channels included in Dhamaal Mix Pack plus it contains all sports channels (excluding Ten, Ten Action and Ten Cricket), Music channels (including VH1) and Kids channels (CN, Nick, Pogo, etc).

Grand Sports Pack - This is the biggest pack and comes with the all important English entertainment and movies channels. It also includes all the channels from Supreme Sports Kids Pack.

You can select 2 free language packs (eg. Marathi and Hindi) with all the above packs. You can choose 2 from 12 such ‘Regional Packs‘.

Along with these  packs you can also buy packs of music channels, english movie channels, HD channels etc. In all there are 14 such ‘Add On Packs‘.

To make things even more confusing, you can buy individual channels but the total minimum cost has to be at least Rs 155.

Read more about them here.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That, Sweet Brown

Ain’t nobody got time for that

In a world where people find it difficult to choose between ‘chocolate’ and ‘vanilla’ flavored ice cream, deciding a Tata Sky plan seems like mission impossible.

Being the simple guy that I am, I decided to make an app which would do all the number crunching for me and tell me the best (read Cheapest) plan for the channels which I select.

Introducing ‘Tata Sky Package Calculator’:


You do have a fair idea of which channels you watch. Simply select those channels in the app and when you have selected all the channels which you want, hit the ‘Continue >>‘ button.


The app tries all possible combinations of 6 main packages + 12 regional packs + 14 Add On packs + individual channels and will pick the one with the lowest cost.

If you are happy with the plan, you can also send an email to Tata Sky reps to tell them to modify your package from the app itself. Just make sure, you have your ‘Subscriber No.’ in hand.

*I don’t work for Tata Sky nor is this an official Tata Sky app. I made it for myself and it worked. I’m sharing it in the hope that others may find it useful.

Remember with great power comes great responsibility!

Here is a video, which shows the steps:




Sathya Narayanan Subramanian from Coimbatore tried it and it helped him save money on his Tata Sky bill. He says:

I got all the best channels which myself and my mother wanted at a low cost for this month… Was shedding more than RS 400 per month for it and now its as least as RS 260 …

May be you too should give it a try.


Here’s a photo.

click the photo to see a larger version



enough talk, show me the app!

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  • ksavai

    Great work. Bookmarking for my next year upgrade.

    • inventikasolutions

      thanks @ca1a6c43081d14df61bfeafeff8ccfe8:disqus, do follow Inventika Solutions on facebook or twitter to get the latest news about Tata Sky Package Calculator.

  • Talos

    Superb!!! Got it working in just 10 minutes.

    And I’m also bookmarking it.

  • S.R.Venkatesh

    My ID no.1000171217 and I have recharged with Rs.2200/- for Dhamal Mix pack which is the subscription for 13 months. But my account details shows as my subscription expires in Jan 2013. Secondly I have shifted from Relience whose Telecast is too good as good as Digital but their service is not that good.They telecast almost all the major channels alongwith English News channels and SVBC ,Bhakthi are regular Channels. Though Tata Sky has the brochure showing these channels as regular,but they are cheating the customers. Now do they clear my subscription period along with other queries forthwith.

  • Gaurav

    I tried it but the price of the Mega pack is always cheaper than the channels I want and your app doesn’t list that as an option – you should list that as well!

    • Inventika Solutions

      Hey @d9d0d3782180805278772ddf530a7048:disqus,

      You are right.. Expect that feature in version 2!

    • Inventika Solutions

      @d9d0d3782180805278772ddf530a7048:disqus The new version of Package Calculator is up!
      However the thing with Mega Pack is that it is an annual plan where as other plans are monthly, hence I haven’t added it to the package calculator.

  • nimt

    can i remove the some

    channels reply fast plz

  • Anirudh Chowdhury

    i would like to drop eng entertainment pack what is the procedure

    • Inventika Solutions

      I’d suggest you contact Tata Sky reps directly by sending in an email to –

      Hope that helps!

  • saurabh

    Your tool is very intuitive and help ful One possible bug though. I choose around 41 channels, including HD channels. Your tool suggested metro base pack+kids+mtune HD…. but i think even if a user buys metro base pack, he still needs to pay for HD anyway extra at rs. 100 per month. This extra 100 per month is not included in your tool suggestion yet i think.

    • Inventika Solutions

      Thanks Saurabh. The reason I hadn’t included the RS 100 fee is because it is mandatory if you have even a single HD channel. It could change, previously there was no HD charge and the HD channels included that charge directly.

      Tata Sky Package Calculator only gives the total amount although in the future I may add that notice.

  • koye

    I found in google when i was searching for selecting my tata sky pack :)love tatasky

    • KoYe

      I found in google when i was searching for selecting my tata sky pack :) Thank TaTaSky . . .

  • maninder singh

    what about new HD channels like TEN HD & star world premiere HD, didn’t mention in your selection list.!!How can i add in make my pack.??

    • Inventika Solutions

      Yeah, those channels are currently unavailable in the Calculator.. They will be included in the next update.

  • Rudra


    The channel lists and costs have changed. Can you please update the same in your APP

    • Inventika Solutions

      Hi Rudra,

      Thanks for the update. We’ll update the prices soon.

  • Rabindra Kumar Das

    why kanak tv ( odia ) not added to tata sky ??

  • Rabindra Kumar Das

    kanak tv ( odia ) is no 1 news channel in odia

  • Discussion


  • waiyanmin

    I found in google when i was searching for selecting my tata sky pack :) Thank TaTaSky . . .

  • waiyanmin

    I found in google when i was searching for selecting my tata sky pack :)

  • gadung

    Thank tatasky …

  • kozawminlwin

    I found in google when i was searching for selecting my tata sky pack :) love TaTaSky ..

  • kozawminlwin

    Thank tatasky..

  • gadung

    I found in google when i was searching for selecting my tata sky pack :) Thank TaTaSky . . .

  • Manoj

    Hi, can you add HBO hits & HBO defined

  • Nikhil Dhawan

    A great tool that helped me get down from 415 to 280. from supreme sports kid + english movies+ english entertainment to dhamaal mix and english movies.

  • Nikhil

    Thanks Inventika.. this is truly helpful..

  • gaurav

    does it still works?????
    i mean the blog was uploaded in 2012…..and now its 2014

  • Bushan

    This is a great app :). Can you please add HBO Defined and HBO Hits

  • Bushan

    This is a fantastic app. Can you add HBO Hits and Defined as well please.


    I want to change my tata sky package

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