I came across this awesome twitter trend today – #TempleRunIndianVersion

which is awesome because, for a while I’ve been thinking of creating an Indian version of  Temple Run.

I had an idea of a guy running because he has stolen someone’s ‘Kolhapuri Chappal’ from a temple and people are running after him, shouting “Chor!! Chor!!”.

temple run indian version

Anyway, here are some witty ideas for #TempleRunIndianVersion:
@TheBigDowg: In #TempleRunIndianVersion, Asharam Bapu will chase you like a mad monkey. Cheat code: Type ‘Bhaiyya’ to get an extra life & bonus coins.

@foolscrapp#TempleRunIndianVersion this works in #India but not in Bharat..!!

@Roflindian: #TempleRunIndianVersion You must keep an eye on your shoes while playing the game.

@SahilBulla: #TempleRunIndianVersion You’re not chased by monkeys but actually vendors trying to sell you garlands, shawls, prasad and agarbattis.

@MildlyClassic: #TempleRunIndianVersion - You don’t run. You just sing bhajans so loud that the demon monkeys beg you to take the idol.

@Crassification: #TempleRunIndianVersion After collecting Gold coins, go inside the temple and put them all in the Donation box.

@MildlyClassic: #TempleRunIndianVersion - The toughest obstacles would be the beggars.

@princemds4: #TempleRunIndianVersion You run around the Temple.. 108 Times..

@MildlyClassic: #TempleRunIndianVersion - You run on Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead. From one temple to the other.

@Chaitanya_13: #TempleRunIndianVersion Javed Jafrey will be the translator.

@WritingTom: #TempleRunIndianVersion - It’s not just you. Your whole family runs together, usually, mom leading the group.

@MrMrRajneesh: #TempleRunIndianVersion must begin with this line, ‘Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum’.

@Oinkoo: #TempleRunIndianVersion Run after the chor who ran away with your chappals.

@BombayVintage: #TempleRunIndianVersion will be uncomfortable since running on roads with potholes would be a tedious task.

@Rapatraapchick: #TempleRunIndianVersion will have Mom running behind the son with a Belan in hand..

@scaryhairyman: #TempleRunIndianVersion You’re running on a street with potholes and dodging cows.

@kochar_ankit: Bhag – bhag DK Bose, DK Bose , DK Bose, Bhag bhag dk bose dk bose bhag ! #TempleRunIndianVersion

@MumbaiKiChokri: Instead of sliding under the tree or jumping over, you’ll have to run around the tree! #TempleRunIndianVersion

@harsh_kalra: #TempleRunIndianVersion You are a Mumbaikar running to catch the next local without ticket while the TT chases you


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