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A collection of useful tools, files and websites we use.


A website to generate dummy text, similar to


Chrome UI kit

I use this PSD file, created by Todd Hamilton for creating browser mockups of websites which we design.

I’ve used several browser PSD files but this one is the best! The amount of detail which has gone into creating this file is immense.

Google Chrome fades out the title of a webpage if it gets too long.Todd has made sure to include even this tiny detail in his PSD. #Respect. It is very well organized.


CSS3 Generator

This tool created by Randy Jensen is very useful while making use of CSS3 features like rounded corners, box shadows and many more.



It is a simple tool to use CSS gradients in your code. They support IE as well.


The League of Moveable Type

Open Source fonts, which can be used for logo and other designing for free.

  We’re done with the tired old fontstacks of yesteryear. Enough with the limitations of the web, we won’t have it. It’s time to raise our standards. Here, you’ll find only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts.

via their website


Tilt-Shift Maker

It is an easy way to add tilt-shift effect to your photos online. Tilt-shift is an interesting photo effect which gives real world, life-sized location or subject a toy-like effect. Here is a pic which says it all.

tilt shift effect

Toy city


iPad Peek

A quick way to check how your website will look on an iPad. You can also rotate the device horizontally. The site also shows you previews in iPhone (old and the new 5th generation).


Find My Facebook ID

While making apps you’ll often require the numeric id of a facebook page or profile. It can be quite hard to do that if the user has opted for a vanity url. This website makes it a cinch to find out the numeric id.


Google URL Builder

We recently created an android app which had a link to our website. We wanted to track the number of hits received via the app. To do this we created a custom url which included data of the campaign source, medium and name. This way, visits generated by the app show up separately in Google Analytics.

The URL Builder is a Google product and very easy to use.


Wikipedia:Public domain image resources

A large collection of photos which can be used commercially for free.


 Place It

With PlaceIt by Breezi you can simply drag your screenshot into one of the pre-made realistic device environments and voilà, you have your ready-to-use screenshot.

Eg. We made an android app. Now by using ‘Place It’ we can generate real-life usage screenshots like this by just drag-dropping the app screenshot on the web app. No photoshop required! It is brilliant. If you want to quickly create beautiful promo graphics for your android or iPhone apps, try Place It.


placeit by breezi android iphone ipad image placeholder

placeit by breezi

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