Gaiaka, is one of India’s leading optical media solutions provider. They’ve had a website for a long time but it wasn’t much productive. It wasn’t optimised for sales generation, it was just an online bill board. All transactions were carried out via phone. Gaiaka provides a huge array of choice for consumers. 9 types of Discs – CD 700MB, Mini CD, Visiting Card CD, Oval CD, Mini DVD, DVD 4.7GB, DVD 8.5GB, Blu-Ray 25GB, Blu-Ray 50GB. 3 types of Printing – Off-set Printing, Screen Printing and Digital Printing. 2 types of Production – CD/DVD Duplication...

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MeraCD is a webapp which lets you design funky discs online and get them delivered to your home. The heart of this app is the ‘Disc Creator’ – You can change the background photo. You can upload your own photo or use one of the several beautiful photos we have put in the gallery for you. You can also scrawl a message on the disc. We have used direcpay payment gateway for this project and we support all Indian credit and debit cards along with net...

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Zen Music Academy

This was the first website designed by Inventika Solutions :) The design is minimal and the home page features a beautiful slider giving funny reasons to ‘choose Zen Music Academy’. Every page of this website contains soothing music accompanying it.

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