Why Mobile-Only Sites aren’t the Answer

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I read this article on Smashing Magazine. MOBILE MYTHS DEBUNKED Think Again: Assumptions About Mobile To Reconsider One of the points was: Mobile Means Less I loved the following explanation given by the author -

Imagine you’re reading the delivery menu for your favorite American restaurant, and you want to order a steak. To your utter shock and dismay, you find that it’s not on the menu. You’ve had steak before when visiting the restaurant in person, so you wonder why you’re not seeing it on the delivery menu. Someone in charge decided that Americans have poor eating habits, and if they are not willing to come to the restaurant in person for the full experience, then they are likely to be sitting at home on a couch in front of the television, and are not fit to have the meal. You enter into absolute food rage and never return to the restaurant again.   via http://mobile.smashingmagazine.com/2013/01/18/assumptions-about-mobile-to-reconsider/

This is an important reason why your website should have Responsive Design. Users having a high-end smartphone like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t like to have a stripped down website just because they are visiting your site from a mobile phone. A ‘Responsive website’ can give all users the same level of service, irrespective of whether they are viewing your website from a desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

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  • Dan

    This is a great point, however, we’ve come to find that it is a case-by-case situation…we are working on a project right now where the site is responsive, but still, when it comes down to mobile, we’ve developed a separate mobile experience. The site users want specific things for our clients industry and hence ease of use, quick reference points, etc. are a must…instead, we developed a slide out navigation that covers any extras the user might still want to read up on.

    • http://inventikasolutions.com/ Inventika Solutions

      I’ve found that for regular websites with fewer categories of content a responsive design works really well.
      However as the complexity grows, it makes sense to have a separate mobile website.
      Facebook is an excellent example, you can never fit in all those various options in a responsive layout but Facebook is a proper exception. It would be best to try and reduce the complexity before trying to develop a mobile site.

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