Win a copy of Chetan Bhagat’s What Young India Wants

On 15th August 2012, India will celebrate its 65th Independence Day. We have achieved a lot in these last 65 years as a nation. We have sent a man into space, become a major power house in IT, we have also joined the elite club of nuclear powers. We are well on our way to become the 3rd largest economy very soon.

However there are still some problems which plague our country. Problems which should be solved.

I’ve been following Satyameva Jayate since it first began, issues raised in the show, struck a chord with me. Giving charity to organizations is fine, but I wondered how could Inventika Solutions could make a real difference to our country.

Inventika Solutions makes some kickass websites and we want to create a website which will actually help people from India.

Tell us your idea of how we can use the power of the internet to solve India’s problems.
A website where everyone can learn whatever he or she wants for free?
A website like Wikileaksfor Indian politicians? Or something else?

On the eve of India’s 65th Independence day we invite you to put forth your ideas.

We’ll be giving out a copy of Chetan Bhagat’s latest book - What Young India Wants to the top 3 best ideas.

You can participate till the midnight of 15th August (end of 14th August). Winners would be announced on 15th August, later in the day.

To participate in the contest do these 3 steps.

1. Like our page on Facebook -

2. Post your answer to the question “How can we use the power of the internet to solve India’s problems” on this photo - Click Here

3. Share the photo.


You can submit multiple ideas (make sure they are valid and genuinely useful, stupid ideas won’t be considered) to increase your chances of winning.

Only Indian citizens, currently residing in India can participate in this contest.

By participating you give us permission to use your idea in any form whatsoever to create a website if we wish to and you give up claims of ownership of the idea.

The last point is very important if we go on to build a website.


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