Your website/app has to be Remarkable!

I saw this video by Seth Godin where he talks about how the world is changing and that the only way to get noticed is to be remarkable. Being good enough won’t cut it.

You have to be remarkable.

Often you will see people creating websites or apps which are merely a copy of what others are doing. That won’t really help you stand out amongst the plethora of websites and app already out there.

When we created ‘Fergie Time’, it came out of the personal need to know when Manchester United play. We didn’t market it to everybody, instead we targeted the most passionate United fans or as Seth Godin calls them – people with otaku.

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  • Manthan Damania

    Its really annoying to have newsletter pop-up showing up on every page. You should rather keep it as a floating div somewhere on the middle left of the page to show up the pop-up form.

    • Inventika Solutions

      Hey @facebook-1015873784:disqus, thanks for your feedback.
      It is a new feature we’ve trying to promote our site. We are trying to maintain the balance between promotion and user-experience.

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